My relationship with heat is tense.

“Seriously, Courtney will you ever learn?” is what I angrily asked myself earlier today during my run. I decided to sleep until 7 and push my run to 9 so I could eat a light breakfast and have some coffee.

While that sounds like a nice idea, and it would be in the fall or spring, it wasn’t a great idea today.

I know I’ve ranted many times about my dislike of summer weather (unless I am in a pool, lake or ocean). When I decided to go running at 9 it was already in the mid 80’s and the humidity was 97%.

Yes I like to run sometimes in the heat to build my stamina and make me appreciate cooler weather running, but too hot of weather is awful (and can be dangerous).

I’d give a million thumbs down if I could.

hot weather runningI re-heated dinner from last night, which was awesome. I slow-cooked chicken with some salsa all day, and then Morgan and I made “burrito bowls”. I included black beans, quinoa, chopped tomatoes, and corn. It was incredibly easy, delicious, and makes for great leftovers.

burrito bowlIt was far too hot out today to work in the yard so I spent the day paining our master bedroom, playing the piano, and I started watching “Once Upon a Time”.

I’ll share some room pictures tomorrow once I get the painting materials cleaned up.

I have decided I really need to get back to my serious training schedule (all 5 am runs) because I have 22 days left of summer and I need to get back into the groove of working!

Have a great Tuesday night, and don’t forget to watch Extreme Weight Loss! Such an inspiring show.

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