Quick life update!

I am back home now and plan on putting up some good running posts! I am working on a post about healthy snacking because eating is one of my favorite things to do.

I have covered a lot of aspects of running in previous posts (located in the drop down menus), but like always, if there is anything specific you would like me to address just let me know 🙂

Quick recap on my week 4 of marathon training (which ended yesterday).

Monday- rest (13 miles of walking in Chicago)

Tuesday- 4 mile run

Wednesday- off

Thursday- 6 miles

Friday- 4 miles

Saturday- off

Sunday- off (moving long run to tomorrow)

My week was a bit off due to traveling and helping Kelly with wedding stuff, but I am okay with that!

I am going to run 11 miles tomorrow to make up for Sunday’s long run. It is still insanely hot here so my pace has been slower, but that is just fine.

I had the BEST week with Kelly and her family doing wedding stuff, and then celebrating all weekend!

I love this girl more than words can say.


My parents, aunt, and Morgan also made the drive up to Lake Geneva for the big day.


I have had the privilege of knowing Grandma Kay (Kelly’s grandma) for the past nine years. I love her!


Have a fabulous Monday- I plan on spending my day working on some new post material, playing outside a bit, and relaxing! Enjoy!

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