42 miles of walking

Kyla and I had a goal of walking 50 miles in three days this past weekend. We fell 8 miles short of our goal… thanks a lot heat. 

On Saturday we walked to the expo at McCormick once we got into the city. We stayed at Hotel Allegro this year, which is one of my favorite hotels in the city! I love the decor (art deco- very Gatsby), and it is in a great location, extremely clean, and the staff is always wonderful.

The expo was awesome, like usual.

Run Happy


I even signed up for next years race at the expo. I registered for $50- the cheapest I have ever seen!

Once we left the expo we headed to get some Thai for lunch because I was craving some ice Thai tea.

Thai tea

How great is Kyla’s shirt? I got it for her last Christmas.


After lunch we headed back to the Allegro to drop off our expo goodies. I did get a free string cheese cooler. I think it’s pretty awesome.

string cheese

After traveling to Europe with a huge suitcase I opted for lighter luggage this weekend. Kyla was impressed I fit three days worth of clothes into a backpack. For once packed light… no outfit changes throughout the day and NO MAKEUP all weekend. It was a little liberating.


We headed to Lincoln Park to walk around for the evening. We passed the old Biograph Theatre where John Dillinger was shot. If you’ve seen “Public Enemies” you know what I’m taking about. I also ran into Sandra Oh randomly. She is actually in a play at that theatre right now. That was pretty cool.

Biograph Theatre

It rained for about 10 minutes which was actually quite nice and refreshing.

Lincoln Park

Sears Tower

On the way back to our hotel we stopped and got some Nutella shakes. Holy good.

Nutella shakes

We had dinner at Petterino’s, which is amazing. Spinach gnocchi all the way. After that we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep before the big race. We totaled 16 miles of walking for the day.

After the race on Sunday we walked to Oak Street Beach to chill for a while and relax by the water. In my fantasy life I live in the Gold Coast.

Lake Michigan

Oak Street Beach

After the beach we headed to Native Foods Cafe. My friend Jordan recommended it last year and we loved it, so we decided to have it again this year for lunch.

Native Foods

After lunch we walked around some more and eventually found ourselves getting some Garrett popcorn. I can’t resist.

I love sitting down by the river!


We went to LYFE for dinner and WOW… amazing! It is similar to Native Foods in the fact that 90% of the menu is vegetarian/vegan. I got a veggie burger and Kyla got a quinoa crunch wrap and we shared of course. I also got a strawberry ginger chia tea. My belly was really happy.


Chia tea

I think we totaled 13 miles of walking for Sunday. We were a bit tired after running 13 so we didn’t wan to over do it.

On Monday we took a long morning walk around Navy Pier. It was nice and early so the pier was pretty empty.

Navy Pier


We had an early lunch at Bijan’s, one of my favorite french bistros in the city. It is on the corner of Erie and State Street. Kyla really wanted some escargot before our meal.


After lunch we got some gelato before we left the city. We walked about 13 miles before we left at 3.

It is so easy to walk in Chicago (in my opinion). There is always something to look at.

We had a great weekend despite the heat! I’m actually heading back that way tomorrow for Kelly’s wedding week!

I realized I never uploaded Europe pictures (besides my running routes) so maybe I can do that when I come back from her wedding next week.

Have a great week, and I won’t be back until Monday!

Quick weekly look at my marathon week 4 training:

Sunday: half-marathon

Monday: walked 13 miles

Tuesday: ran 4 miles, walked Charlie two miles

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 12 miles (I will probably do this Monday because I’m guessing I’ll be up late dancing Saturday…)

Have a great week!

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