Mid-distance runs are my favorite

I know marathon training has started when I refer to runs as middle-distance if they are between 6-12 miles. To me, these are the perfect distances to run. They are not time consuming (1 – 1.5 hours) and are not as physically demanding, but still leave me with a “really good workout” feeling.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles, which went pretty well despite the heat. I took a water bottle with me because I knew it would be hot and I also knew there would be no drinking fountains on my route.

I did NOT like carrying the water bottle, but I did like that I had water available throughout  my run. I added some NUUN to my water because it was hot and sunny out, and I wanted to be smart about my electrolytes.


Most of my run was out in the country, so shade was not an option. However, it was a really pretty, quiet run. Quiet due to running in the county AND because my Pandora app stopped working at mile 3. The last five miles I listed to birds chirping at my feet hitting the pavement.

My pace was 9:01, which I was alright with. It was hot, humid, all sun, and I slowed down a bit when I took sips of water.

I felt great after my run and took Charlie for his morning 2 mile walk. There is no way of getting out of walking him after my runs. He is so structured and will not leave me alone until we are outside with his leash on. I use these walks as great cool downs.


This morning it was pouring outside so I did not get my run in until 11:30. It was not sunny, but dang it was hot and humid. I ran 6 miles and chose a route that had to major hills.

I had a really good run until about mile 4. I swear I am a bug magnet (hence the 20 mosquito bites on my back), because I got stung by a bee! I’ve only been stung by a bee one other time as a child and did not remember it hurting bad. However- this bee sting hurts!

I was screaming at yelling on the street because it hurt. I laugh now because I’m sure I was providing free entertainment to others.

The last two miles were not as fun because my arm felt like it was on fire. Seriously, how rude was that bee?

The swelling has now gone down and the sting is not visible, but my arm still hurts and my muscle is sore. Seriously, I sound like a whimp.

bee sting

I think one of the reasons my run went so well is because I found a new Pandora station (yes, it is working today!). Every single song was awesome.

Pandora Station: Classic Rock Power Workout Radio


This song came on and I immediately had a flashback to being a kid. Does anyone remember that commercial of Ken driving Barbie in a convertible?! Yea, thats all I could think about.

I am searching for running headphones or ear buds because I currently hate the ones I have. They fall out of my ears and drive me nuts.

I found some cute pink (yes, that is important) Beats, but I have a hard time spending that much on headphones.


If you have any recommendations please do let me know!

Thanks 🙂

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