Marathon Training week 3 & funny running signs!

I am in the middle of week three of marathon training.  It is hot and sticky here in SE Iowa, which is my least favorite type of running condition.I will admit that I could run earlier in the morning to avoid heat, but I have been enjoying my morning coffee too much and staying up too late! Well like 10 pm, but that is late for me!

Now that my mileage is going to be picking up I really need to be running by 5:30 am to avoid the heat.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles, which went really well, but they were hot miles.

Running in the heat

Please remember it is completely normal to run at a slower pace in the heat. I had an average pace of 9:01 for the four miles and I am okay with that. My route was in 100% sun and it was around 85 degrees.

I have 8 miles to run now and the temperature is a much better 72 degrees and party cloudy!

I was feeling a bit lazy this  morning when I got up so I needed some motivation. I recorded Extreme Weight Loss last night because I had my girlfriends over, so I knew watching that this morning would motivate me to go for my run.

It worked (like always).

I am taking a small water bottle with me to keep me hydrated.

Before I leave you for the day- I was laughing at these awesome running signs.

I have mentioned it many times before, but reading the signs at races is one of my favorite parts!

My favorite signs from  previous races of mine are “I am so proud of you complete stranger!” and “Worst Parade Ever”.

Click HERE to read the rest of these signs!

The best running signs!

Here are three links to past posts I have written, all pertaining to summer running and staying healthy.

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Enjoy your Wednesday! Charlie and  have a really busy day of playing outside.

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