A little party never killed nobody

The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, same with Kelly. To honor that, we went with a Great Gatsby/roaring 20’s theme for her bachelorette party.

I won’t share every photo because believe it or not I took dozens of pictures, but I’ll share a few. We went out Friday and Saturday night, but only dressed in our best flapper attire on Saturday night.

Our first stop on Friday was at Brothers- a college favorite. We spent many, many nights here.


We definitely felt more grown up than we did in college, but at the same time we were transported back to our early 20’s.

I did a small recap of our scavenger hunt/run on Saturday so I will skip that and just go to Saturday night.

We went to dinner at Formosa for sushi and drinks, another favorite place of ours.

I love the whole Lopez family immensely.


After dinner we went back to the room for a while to play some games before we headed out. One of the biggest ways I can tell since I’ve “matured” since college is the amount of water I drank! For every beer/glass of wine/cocktail I had, I also had a big glass of water to go with it. It’s the little things…


We had an absolute blast on Saturday night hitting up our favorite college bars and danced well until bar close. I count that as exercise…

Sunday morning rolled around and I actually felt great! I credit the amount of water I drank, and just making smart choices about the amount alcohol I consumed.

We have definitely learned a lot since college.

On my morning run I ran past the house Kelly and I lived in our junior and senior year. We loved this house so much, and it made us sad to see it!

Old house

It is so hard to believe we graduated five years ago! It is also harder to believe I met Kel nine years ago and were little freshmen.


I would say it was a very successful bachelorette party. One month until the wedding!

As I am typing this I am also watching “Extreme Weight Loss”, one of my favorite shows.┬áThis show is such a great motivator to remain healthy and appreciate what I have.

With that being said I have five miles to go run… it has FINALLY stopped raining in SE Iowa for now.

Have a great Thursday!

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