Rain running

Do you run in the rain? It really depends on the conditions if I run in it. As I type this I am also staring out my window to see if the rain continues.


I have run in the rain and actually really like it, but lightning  is a deal breaker for good reason.

It has been lightning and thundering all morning so I’ve been sitting on my couch in my pajamas still. I won’t lie, it is pretty awesome.

The forecast shows rain/lightning all morning and early afternoon so I will just play my run  by ear today. I may end up running later this evening.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.17.34 AM

Charlie however is wondering why he hasn’t gotten his morning walk yet. I tell you, this dog lives a structured life!

I typically love running in the rain because:

  1. You just feel awesome
  2. It cools you down
  3. Other people think you’re hardcore

Anyways, until I can go for a run I am going to spend my day with a mixture of piano playing, learning Munich’s public transportation system and watching ParentHood. I know, real thrilling.

I’ve been spending all day, most days outside working in the yard so it is kind of nice to play the lazy card today.

The thing I love about my house is I have three floors to go up and down so I still feel like I get a minor workout doing housework.

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