Homemade lemon balm tea!

Homemade lemon balm tea!

Along with growing fruits and veggies in my garden, I am also growing a ton of herbs thanks to Kyla. If you’re familiar with herbs, you know they spread like crazy and are pretty hardy. 

I keep my herbs in a pot to keep them from taking over my garden. One of the herbs that I have an abundance of is lemon balm. I asked Kyla what I can do with it and she suggested making tea. Not a bad idea.

I totally guessed the whole tea making process and it did not turn out bad!

  1. I grabbed a bunch of lemon balm (still attached to the stem) and then rinsed them with water
  2. Once cleaned, I picked each leaf off of the stem and patted dry
  3. While this is happening, have water boiling on the stove (I boiled about 16 ounces)
  4. I then put the leaves in a big mason jar with some honey
  5. Pour the boiling water into the jar and then seal the lid
  6. I then put the jar outside on my patio to let it steep in the sun for the next day
  7. Enjoy!

Lemon balm

lemon balm in a jar

steeping the tea

Lemon tea!

The tea has a light lemon taste, which is perfect for a cold, refreshing summer drink. You do not have to add the honey when making the tea, but I wanted it a bit sweeter.

Enjoy iced or hot!

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