I love relaxing workouts!

I slept in until 6 am this morning and it was wonderful. I checked the weather and decided to have my coffee first thing, and go for a run around 7:15. 

The weather at 7 this morning was 65 degrees so I was happy. I did four miles followed by some strength training and core work.

I have a little workout room in my basement, but I wanted to bring some stuff upstairs so I could watch Live with Kelly and Michael in the sunroom. It really does make my workouts entertaining.

I brought up my yoga mat and some foam mats to make the ground a bit softer to do core on. I brought up some dumbbells, resistance bands, and an ab roller.

home workout

I did 2 sets of 12 squats, lunges, and side lunges. I do lower body strength training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and upper body on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I did my normal core routine and followed up with some stretching.

I love to workout out in my house because no one besides Charlie has to look at my awesome styled hair.

nice hair

I am always starving after a workout so today I had a bowl of Kashi cereal with unsweetened soy milk.

I then spent the majority of the day out in my vegetable garden picking little trees out of the mulch. As I kid I loved the helicopter seeds. As an adult with a veggie garden, I hate them.

Charlie doesn’t like to go too far from my side.


Some of the reasons I love summer vacation are:

  1. Being able to spend more time on my workouts and not feeling rushed
  2. Working outside in the yard all day
  3. Letting Charlie play outside all day
  4. Playing the piano as much as I want
  5. Reading books for fun
  6. Cleaning my house
  7. Watching chick flicks on Netflix
  8. Eating vegetables straight from the garden

I’m sure there are hundreds more reasons, but those are things I’ve done today.

Have a fabulous Monday! I’m eating this as I type…


Oh, and one more thing!

I have posted about Harriet before and how amazing she is. She finished the San Diego marathon last week in 7:24:36. AWESOME.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.32.31 PM

Read the rest of the article HERE!

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