I’m alive!

I swear I am among the living. I Just don’t feel like it. I finally went to the doctor after a couple of days of not getting better. I have a bacterial sinus infection, so nothing too awful, just makes me feel awful. 

I’ve been taking antibiotics since Wednesday and they have made me feel nauseous so I have come home from school and gone straight to my couch for most of the week. I’ve also been advised to use a netti pot- really weird, but it has helped!

Anyways, this obviously means I have not run since last Thursday so I am going slightly crazy. I wanted to get up today and run an easy, slow three miles but I just don’t think it’d be the best idea I’ve come up with.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day that I can break the cycle!

The only thing I’ve done outside this week has been cutting some peonies from my yard to arrange in vases.


Our four year anniversary was Thursday so Morgan sent me some flowers at school. My kids thought he was super cool.


Four years ago we were relaxing in Saint Lucia. What a beautiful place!


Kyla came up yesterday and we did some light yard work, then went to the Ethiopian restaurant with my cousin and his girlfriend. They loved it, which made me happy because now I have people to go with!

And that’s really all I have for you. Not that anything I shared is remotely exciting. I suppose thats what happens when your sick.

I’m going to continue to make our Europe itinerary today and I have high hopes of going downtown with my friend later to listen to some live music.

Fingers crossed I get to run tomorrow!

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