Four days of no running

I am going crazy. I came home on Friday night at school and started to feel icky. By the time Saturday morning rolled around I was feeling pretty awful.

It is just a cold, but a nasty one at that. The one where you body hurts, your head feels like it is going to explode, someone has rubbed sandpaper on your throat, and your nose is a facet. I don’t exaggerate.

I had my running clothes all ready to go and they were in my bathroom waiting for me on Saturday morning but I knew running with a cold would be stupid. I felt light-headed, so the last thing I needed was to pass out in a cornfield.

I sat on my couch for a while, made some Twinnings, and watched HGTV.

I soon got ready for Kelly’s bridal shower in Davenport. I would not have missed that for the world. It was a great time, and always great seeing her family who I love dearly.

I have had that light pink dress since I was a sophomore in high school. I like to re-wear things like Kate Middleton 😉


After her shower I headed to Burlington to see family.

We had a family cookout at my aunt and uncles, and despite not feeling well I had such a good time. This picture of my brothers and I is courtesy of my aunt, because you know I am not the best at taking pictures.

I am madly in love with my boys.

my boys

I packed running clothes for Burlington, but on Sunday I felt worse so running was not an option. It was pouring all morning so it made me feel a little better about not being able to run.

Instead my grandma, aunt, and brothers and I sat around, drank coffee, and chatted. Perfect.

Late in the day I got ready and headed to a graduation party for my cousin. It was so nice to see everyone on my dads side of the family. We all live in different states, so it is always such a treasure to be able to get together.

Me, my little cousin, and little sister


I headed back home after the party because I wanted to be able to clean my house and work outside all day Monday. However I was up in the middle of the night being cool and sick, so I may just lounge around all day with Charlie. Not what I planned on doing today, but it could always be worse.

Morgan and I leave for our European vacation really soon so I think I’m going to use this day of laziness as a planning day. We have a few must-haves planned, but nothing major so I think I will make a tentative itinerary for the places we go.

If you have suggestions for Munich, London, or Paris let me know! I’ve been to London and Paris, so the major city I will work on today is Munich.

I hope to run tomorrow; even if it is three slow miles. I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly, Happy Memorial Day. Please take a minute to remember why we live in a free country and to remember our brave men, women, and K9’s.

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