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I am currently sitting on the couch with Kyla and Charlie and we are brainstorming upcoming posts. Looking at my blog, I have talked a lot about actual running but not the things that make running better. 

So I will be putting together a couple of reviews for you in the next week. I have science camp with my fifth graders Thursday-Friday and our class trip Saturday so I doubt I will get anything posted then, but Sunday I’ll get a review up for you!

The things I will be reviewing in various posts are:

  • Garmin 220 Forerunner
  • Oiselle clothing
  • Saucony running shoes

If there are any other specific posts you are interested in please let me know!

I have an early run tomorrow so my bed is calling my name. Have a good night!

P.S. Did anyone watch the Revenge series finale? Thoughts?

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