You guessed it- yard work.

I swear this is not turning into a gardening blog; it has just slightly taken over my life. 

Yesterday I came home from school and sat on my patio and entered grades and enjoyed a summer shandy. Charlie enjoyed exploring.

after school

I wanted to be sitting with my family so the next best thing is sending each other pictures and pretending we were sitting together.

Summer Shandy

Today after my four mile run Morgan and I headed to Oskaloosa to get mulch for the yard. There is a place where you can get mulch in bulk, which is what we need. We filled up the back of the truck and headed back home.


I spent about 10 minutes putting mulch in this area before the real hard-work started.

Mulched garden

After this I went out back to work in the veggie garden. It was covered in weeds except the small area Kyla and I worked on last week. I do not want to use a weed killer or any other type of chemical in the garden so I got a garden hoe and tilled up the dirt by hand and it nicely got up the weeds!

It was a workout. I’m counting it as round two of cardio for the day.

As I was tilling the yard I saw something move and after closer inspection I noticed a tiny bunny foot sticking out of the dirt.

At first I thought I had hit it and instantly started panicking.

Luckily I did not. I then carefully dug it up and put it in a bucket so I could move it. I noticed another one buried in the dirt. And then another.

Before I touched them I had Morgan get on the internet to see if humans could touch them and move them and if it would affect their mother coming back for them. All systems go, so I put the three of them in a bucket and got them out of the garden.

I left the gate open last week so that is how the mom got in. I won’t make that mistake again!

We created a small nest made of weeds and put them in it so they could wait for mom. They are old enough that they can hop around so I was not too concerned for their safety.

I did not want to put them down. Too much cuteness to handle.


baby bunny!

Rodger Rabbit

Baby bunny

That was the highlight of my day.

We are having a bonfire soon so I’m squeezing this post in quickly so it may have some spelling errors.

Have a great Saturday night! I have an eight mile run tomorrow morning so I won’t be staying up too crazy late.

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