Never ending yard work.

I’ve been running this week, just not posting. I have spending all of my free time working outside instead of posting. 

I’ve been running 3-6 miles after school, and then spending the rest of daylight working in my yard.

I have also been coaching our elementary track team after school, but it is now over so I have an extra hour of free time now!

We had our track meet last night and all of my kids placed in their events, and we even got a couple first and second places 🙂


I have a few flower gardens and a vegetable garden that are quite needy.

My veggie garden is 30 feet by 50 feet so it is a bit overwhelming when it comes to getting the weeds out. Thankfully Kyla is like the best sister and is going to come help me next week. I am going to try to get most of the weeds out this weekend and have it ready to plant veggies next week with Kyla, but we will see…

I’ve also been weeding out my flower gardens and putting down landscaping fabric, which has proven to be quite time consuming.

Here is a snap shot of the side of my house and one small garden area.


Since this picture I have added the landscaping fabric to the whole area, and it just needs some mulch. I would be relieved that this is done, but it is only about 1/50 of the different flower gardens throughout my yard.


I shouldn’t complain- I love doing yard work. I just wish I had more time in the day to get it all done! I love my job and my students dearly, but I can’t wait to spend my summer on vacations and being in my yard.


I actually left school today at 3:40, which is the earliest I have left school in quite a while! I went straight home to work outside. Once Morgan got home we went to Hy-Vee and bought some annuals to plant in different planters I have. Something about arranging flowers and playing in the dirt is so relaxing to me.


During the four hours that I was outside working Charlie was running around and playing.  I don’t pay much attention to him while I am working in the yard because he typically just chews up toys or lays on the patio. I should have been paying attention because he decided to roll in something dead, my guess a frog or bunny, because he smelled atrocious.

He got a nice bath and is now squeaky clean.


I am staying home this weekend and devoting all of my free time to yard work. It is so much work right now, but it’ll be so wonderful to have a garden full of fresh vegetables!

I have to watch Grey’s and Scandal now, and most likely cry. McDreamy… 🙁

I am running 4 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, and most likely throwing in some core for good measures. Have a great Friday tomorrow!

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