I have had a busy week to say the least. All good things, but busy. Here is the post I attempted to write on Wednesday, but for whatever reason had to abandon it until now (Sunday morning!). It is pathetic but I’ll share.

This is the first day I have been home after school with little do to. Finally!

Kyla (my favorite twin) came up and worked in my yard all day Tuesday while I was at school and stayed the night. She is a master gardner so she worked in my vegetable garden, and a couple other flower gardens throughout my yard.

We went for a four mile run when I got home around 4, an averaged a nice relaxing pace of 8:30. Getting to talk while I run four miles with someone other than myself if magic.

We tried to go to Ethiopian for dinner but the ONE day a week they are closed is Tuesdays! We were extremely bummed.

We also booked our hotel for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon this July! I am beyond excited to run it and the amazing seeking in store. Last year we walked about 40 miles that weekend, so this year we are aiming for 50. It is so easy to do when you have someone to talk to and are in a beautiful city.


*Disclaimer- that was a pathetic post. I was super busy Thursday-Saturday with family fun, but I managed to get a few pictures. Once my family leaves today I’ll get them up along with running stuff. Until, enjoy your Sunday! I will be drinking a lot of coffee this morning with my aunt Tara and playing outside 🙂

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