Half-Marathon Training Week 1

I had my first “official” week of half marathon training end today. It went wonderful of course! I run year round, but during half and full marathon training my weekly runs are a bit more structured and strict.

Here is a quick recap of what I ran this week:

Monday- rest day, core

Tuesday- 4 miles and 4 strides

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- 6 miles, core

Friday- rest day

Saturday- 4 miles and 4 strides, core

Sunday- 8 miles and hills

Even though I only had four miles scheduled yesterday I did not want to run! It was rainy, cold, and windy all morning. However, I had a busy day and I knew I needed to get my run in before the day got away from me.

I had a jacket I always wear if it is raining to help keep me dry. It is not 100% waterproof, but it does a nice job. I actually lucked out and missed the rain!

I hate selfies.

rainy run

My eight miler today was fabulous! I ran three big hills to get in some strength, which were not fun (are they ever?!), but overall it was a great run.

Des Moines is hilly, so I need to be running hills a couple times a week to prepare.

After my run I sent Kyla a picture of me because well why not. Running with her is my favorite, so since we can’t run together everyday I just send her pictures. I know, she’s so lucky 😉

Hey Kyla ;)

After my run today I spent the majority of my time outdoors. My yard is huge and full of flowers, so if I want it to stay nice I have to spend the majority of my free time taking care of it. Good thing I enjoy yard work.

Charlie is the laziest dog and just napped on the patio the whole day. I threw him a couple tennis balls and he had no desire to chase them.

I did sit down to create my menu for the week, which I will share tomorrow, along with the ingredients I got today.

I was hungry, but it was too close to dinner so I had an iced Twinning’s to satisfy me until I ate. I like to put in a splash of soy milk.  Kelly got me hooked on these when we were in Bermuda.

So good.


I made a deliciously wonderful quinoa salad for dinner, which I will also share tomorrow!

It is way past my bedtime, otherwise I’d take the time to share the recipe now 😉

Happy Sunday night!

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