Nutrition is so important.

In order to be a good runner not only do you need to run and strength train, you need to eat right! 

Nutrition is a big part of my training plans. I eat healthy the majority of the time, and because I am human, I also enjoy my sweets and the occasional junk food.

However, eating too much bad stuff can affect your running. Not eating enough can also affect your running.

A while ago (like last year) I created a post about nutrition and running… read it HERE!

Today for lunch I had a ton of carrots, hummus, strawberries, blackberries, and some string cheese. While it filled me up, there is not nearly enough carbohydrates in there to get me ready for a good run. I had a Belvita bar at 3 because I was hungry, and I knew I needed something before I ran.

I ran six miles today after coaching track and it was sluggish. I averaged a 8:40 mile and my legs were heavy and I felt slow.

After my run I sautéed some mushrooms, green peppers, tofu, cauliflower, and broccoli with some olive oil and lime juice. It was amazing.

I have tomorrow off from running so I will make sure to eat a hearty lunch and dinner so I am ready to for Saturday.

Something I need to get better at is preparing my weekly meals. I don’t mean making all of my meals for the week on Sunday, but just having a more specific menu for the week. I make enough food at dinner to take as leftovers most of the time.

This weekend I am going to sit down and plan next weeks meals and make sure they are full of protein and carbohydrates to fuel me for my runs.

Once I come up with my menu I’ll share it!

I normally don’t keep junk food in my house but I did have a chocolate bunny from Easter hiding in a cupboard. After watching Grey’s Anatomy I needed it.

bye bye bunny

Did anyone else see the show tonight? I have watched EVERY episode and have definitely cried a lot, but tonight was painful. Morgan was laughing at me because I was sobbing and had to catch my breath.

Just awful.

Have a great night, and tomorrow if Friday!!


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