Running in the wind is stupid & strides

If you have read any of my posts about running in the wind it is no secret that I hate the wind. You could insert profanity before the word wind and that would do a better job of describing my thoughts on headwind. 

I got home today around 5:45 and the last thing I wanted to do was go out for a run because it was really windy. However, I knew I needed to get my workout in for the day and I would feel much better once I got done running.

Besides, I only needed to get in three miles and four strides so my workout only lasted 30 minutes.

I also thought of the people who ran Boston on Monday… and they ran in wind AND rain! I could certainly handle three miles in the wind.

I hate being cold when I run, but I hate being hot even more. So what do you wear when it is 60 degrees but very windy?

I wore long tights, and a long sleeve (lightweight) dry wicking shirt. It worked out pretty good actually. My hands do get chilly with the wind, but I did not see the need for gloves in 60 degree weather.

windy outfit


I often get asked why I always wear a hat when I run, even when it is not sunny out. Wearing hats is perfect for me because it keeps my hair back and is less annoying than a headband. I have a weirdly sensitive head and cannot wear headbands, so hats just work well for me.

During the summer I wear a white hat because it tends to be cooler than my black hat. Hats also do a great job of keep the sweat out of my eyes.


My average pace tonight was 8:09 for the three miles. Afterwards I did 4 strides, and spent 30 second on each stride.

What are strides? They are a form of speed work that involve gradually increasing your speed to a maximum effort sprint, then gradually slowing down.

For example: My strides last 30-35 seconds, and I spend the first 10 seconds gaining speed, and from seconds 10-25 I am sprinting at maximum effort, and then I spend the last 10 seconds gradually slowing down.

I walk in between strides for about 30-60 seconds, then repeat. Strides do not take long, but are a great way to incorporate speed work. Speed work is necessary if you want to get faster at running!

I only do strides on Wednesdays, but you can do them whatever day of the week you want. It is not necessary to do them more than once a week. I do other forms of speed work throughout the week, such as hills, fartleks, and tempo runs.

The next time I do a run with either hill, tempo runs, or fartleks I will explain those a bit more. I think tomorrow I have hills incorporate into my 6 miler.

Happy Wednesday night! Nashville is on so I must go and focus on that 😉

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