Gardening on a day off

I have Friday’s off right now per my half marathon training schedule so I spent a couple hours working in my yard after school. 

I split a ton of hostas last month so that was my main focus- getting them planted somewhere. I found this cutie hiding out in the leaves and plants.


Gardening is not a super intense workout, but it is a nice way to stay active on a day off.

Kyla would be so proud of me because I did not wear gloves while digging and planting. I use to have nice, long nails but I have decided it just won’t be possible to have them this summer!


After we got done doing some yard work we took Charlie swimming in the pond next door. Who knew a dog would love eating algae so much.

He got a bath and smells like a little fur ball of AVEDA.

Rewind to Thursday…. I did not do much yard work, and did a lot more sitting instead. I am convinced Charlie sees ghosts or is just weird.

is there a ghost?

Later on Thursday night I went downstairs to do some laundry and saw a bat. It was just flying around… so I naturally screamed and got on the floor. I am an animal lover so I don’t dislike it… I was just more startled than anything.

Morgan said I need to except bats and odd things living in such an old house. I suppose it’ll eat any bugs in the house…

hiding from a bat

It is currently 7:08 am and I am drinking coffee. I have a 4 mile run on my agenda for the day, so I’ll leave for that soon.

I tend to get lazy on the weekends since I am so busy during the week so I find that if I set times for myself to run I do MUCH better.

I got up at 6 this morning and I told myself that at 8 am I will be leaving my house for my run so I could enjoy two cups of coffee and some HGTV 😉

My cousins are coming up for the day/night to just hang out so I am super happy about that!

Have a GREAT Saturday!

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