When to get new shoes

Having a good pair or running shoes is the most important accessory you can have. I am addicted to Saucony Hurricanes because they allow me to run pain free.

I have been wearing them for a couple of years now and have never had any issues with them. They last me between 450-500 miles, which depends on the type of terrain you are running on and what type of running you do.

I log my running daily so I know what I have done, and it also helps  with estimating when I need new shoes. Another way I know it is time to get new running shoes is by pain in my IT bands.

The other day I went for a five mile run and when I got done my IT bands were in pain, which told me my shoes were nearing the end of their running life.

I wrote a post last year about choosing the correct shoes –> read HERE!

I got some new Saucony’s today and they are fabulous. Any time I get anything in pink I am happy.

Saucony Hurricane 15

I was supposed to run six miles yesterday, but I did not have my new shoes so I moved it to today when I could get them.

It was an easy three miles out, but the three miles coming back home were brutal. It was insanely windy and I had to run into it. I *insert major curse words here* hate running in the wind. I just tell myself it makes me more tough…

I finished the last half mile with this song, which made everything better.


Six miles is done so I can stop complaining!

Every day after my run I try to stretch, but I’m usually bombarded by this dude.

thanks CharlieTrying to stretch

I have the day off of school because of Good Friday so I am currently lounging and watching General Hospital. My always and forever favorite show.

I had a horrible week  at school so I am really enjoying this extra day off.

A student passed away after a brave two year fight with cancer. Heaven gained a sweet, sweet angel Tuesday.

Such awful, tragic events remind me, and hopefully everyone else, to really appreciate life and what you have and to be kind to everyone you encounter.

I have always loved this quote, and it holds a lot more meaning now. Harry Potter will always be one of my favorite books, or series I should say.


My parents are coming tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that!

While I was running today my right earphone kept coming out of my ear. They are the earphones that came with my iPhone 6, and I am unsure if I like them or not.

I am looking for lightweight earphones that stay in my ears better, so if you have any recommendations let me know!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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