the yard work does not stop.

Kyla came up yesterday to help me with more yard work. I amĀ almostĀ done with raking up leaves and clearing out the dead perennials from last year. She is a master gardner so anytime she can come up to help me I really appreciate it!

As soon as she got here yesterday we went straight to the garden to take out all of the dead leaves and plants. It only took about one hour to clear out.


I am so excited to have fresh vegetables and fruit this summer!

We had two different burn piles going on, which was great because there was a lot to burn…

We also had a helper.


He love giving “hugs”



After Kyla and I burned leaves we went for a 4 mile run. It was a little windy, but the temperature was great.


After our run we walked home and then showered and headed to get some dinner. There is an Ethiopian restaurant in town with amazing food. Kyla loves trying new food so I took her there and she loved it.

We got a veggie dish, and a dish with lamb meat. Amazing.



To eat the food you use the bread instead of utensils. This food is so amazing.


I love, love, love tea and this thi tea was AMAZING.

thi tea

We spent the rest of Saturday lounging at home and chatting. Perfect!

On Sunday we spent a good hour sitting in the sun room because it was toasty, and I needed my coffee of course. If you have a dog, do they know what personal space means because Charlie does not.

morning snuggles

Personal space

It rained a little this morning so we spent some time watching HGTV and I have been dying to explore this “secret” room in my house, so Kyla was up for the adventure.

Secret rooms

Once it stopped raining we finished up some yard work and then she left! We are physically exhausted.. and I plan on being lazy the rest of the day.

I’m drinking Twinning’s Earl Gray tea right now and contemplating a nap.

I have some lesson planning to do that will take maybe 45 minutes and thats it! I have the next couple of weeks planned, but I want to get the rest of the yea planned out so I can spend my afternoons finishing up yard work and paining the inside of the house.

So many things to do!

Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope you are as lazy as me today!

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