A week of working out

I had a wonderful spring break, which I briefly talked about a few posts ago. I thought I would just share how I used house chores as good workouts instead of going to the gym to lift this past week.

While I do love lifting and strength training, I had so much to get done over break that I got creative with my workouts so I could stay home while getting the same benefits of strength training at the gym.

I continued to run and did not change that routine up.

Who knew stripping wallpaper could be so physically challenging? My aunt and I got a good arm workout in stripping the wallpaper and scraping the glue off the walls!

Once the glue was off (most of it) I let the walls dry and then had to sand them with a pole sander.

I sanded one of the guest bedrooms and our master bedroom and each room took approximately three hours. It was not only a workout for my arms, but there was definitely a lot of cardio involved!


I also focused half of my break outside doing yard work. Like I said in an earlier post we will mulch the majority of the leaves with a riding mower, but there were still plenty of leaves that a mower cannot get to.

Yesterday (Sunday) I spent about five hours raking out one of the garden areas on the right side of our house.

side garden


It was a lot of work, but it looks so much better now and there are already some blooms coming up!

Raking is a great cardio and strength training workout. Anytime I an incorporate exercise into daily activities, or just fun activities I am happy!

I love doing yard work so the five hours went by super fast for me.

I also kicked a football for Charlie throughout the day and chased him around the yard 🙂

Here is a view of my backyard from our bedroom upstairs. The amount of yard work makes me happy.


Awkward selfie alert:

Master bedroom

Because it is apparently National Puppy Day- Charlie visited my classroom a few weeks ago.


And lastly, a little marathon humor.

realistic marathon route

Have a great Monday!

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