How I stay motived

With a busy life (like all of us), it is very easy to become unmotivated to run or workout. I’m not saying I dislike running, just the opposite- I love it! However, sometimes I am so busy and feel tired from a long work day and I just want to be lazy.

I know we’ve all had that feeling before (or multiple times!).

So what do I do to stay motivated and get out the door for a run?

1. As corny as it sounds, I remind myself that I am lucky that I am able to run. I have the health that allows me to get out the door and just run. Not everyone is as lucky.

2. I remind myself how far I have come with my running and how far I still want to go.

3. I tell myself that sitting inside and not running will not get me to my goal.

4. I know how awesome I feel after a good run and remind myself of that.

5. One of the best things is putting on comfy pajamas or sweats after a hard workout.

6. I think of the cool places I am going to run in and tell myself that running now will make me appreciate running on vacation more.

7. I tell people I am going for a run! Whether I am texting Kelly or talking to Morgan, I tell them I am going out for a run and I somewhat feel accountable to get out.

8. I know running is good for my health.

9. I don’t have a lot of running friends, but when I get to run with someone it makes me super happy! I would rather run 10 miles with someone than three miles alone.

10. I often think back to my favorite documentary , or just read inspirational stories.


Finding motivation is really up to you, but I some of these can help you! I have a dropdown menu on my homepage titled “Motivation” which may help also!

Oh, and spring is here! I found these beauties in my yard the other day!


2 thoughts on “How I stay motived

  1. Great tips for staying motivated. I listen to a lot of fun and informative podcasts when I run and I find that or listening to an audio book really helps because you become so invested in it that time flies by and you barely notice how tired you are or how long you’ve gone! Give it a try!

    I like your blog by the way, been following it for quite awhile now. Keep up the good work 🙂

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