A very busy, yet relaxing spring break.

I am the worst blogger. I do not purposefully go days *weeks* without posting, it just happens! My number one priority is my job as a teacher, which I love, and then family… and then blogging. 

While I would love to post daily, it is just not a reality of time (maybe summer will be better). I can assure you I do think of the blog daily and what I want to post, but actually getting the time to sit down and write it do not always happen!

I thought I would post more during spring break, but seeing that it is Thursday that has not been the case!

My aunt Tara came to Ottumwa on Friday after I got out of school and stayed until Tuesday; it was fabulous.

The best part of having company is someone to drink coffee with! The sunroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house because of the huge windows and heated floors. Keeps up toasty 🙂 Charlie also loves company.


She helped me strip wallpaper in two of the bedrooms upstairs and paint a coffee table and a small foyer table. Four more rooms to strip upstairs… summer project.

Anyways, taking down the wallpaper took a lot of our time, and when we weren’t doing projects we were outside with Charlie enjoying the beautiful weather or making dinner for Morgan and friends.

I have a few before pictures of one of the guest bedrooms and the wallpaper that I do not miss.




After fifteen hours in this room it is all stripped, ready to be primed, and then painted! Morgan and I are still going over a few design ideas, but we are hoping to get it painted this weekend!

Please ignore the chandelier and tie blanket… 🙂



It is amazing how much brighter the room is with the wallpaper gone. I love the huge windows and natural sunlight!

It was 80 degrees one day this week so we spent a lot of the day outdoors and Charlie went swimming in the pond next door. He’s had a great spring break!

Tara is a fabulous cook and just has a lot of ideas about quick things to make for lunch and dinner. The day it was insanely gorgeous outside we had a chefs salad with jalapeño jack cheese.


And good little boys get carrots.


Yesterday I spent my day outside raking leaves. There are some bushes in the front of our house that were surrounded by leaves so I rake those up and some along the driveway that were stuck in the bushes… that took two hours.

Charlie watched most of the time.


I then raked leave in the backyard that were there from last fall and that took three hours! The backyard is 1.5 acres, so I only raked leaves that were stuck in between shrubs and close to the back patio. I’ll mulch the rest with the mower.

Charlie ran around and jumped in the leaves and had a blast.

My upper body is quite sore right now. I decided to forgo my upper body workout today 😉

I went for a short three mile run today and have been planning our vacation for this summer all morning. I truly did not want to run today because I wanted to be lazy, but I just told myself it is only helping me for summer racing and it’ll make running around Munich, London and Paris that much better!

Have a great Thursday! I have some more polyurethane to apply to my project tables!

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