It has been too long!

I apologize for the extreme lack of posting. I was without internet for two weeks… but I just got it back! After we moved in to our new we got busy with unpacking and getting the internet slipped our mind! Morgan was also in China for a week with the MacBook, so I would not have been able to post anyways.

I have posted from my phone a few times, but it is a little difficult.

I did think about Run and Be Happy daily, and with much anxiety as I have been really wanting to post!

Between the new house and running outside in this gorgeous weather I have a lot to blog about!

My aunt will be here tomorrow-Tuesday to help take down wallpaper, but I’ll fit in some posts between then. I have spring break starting tomorrow at 3 so I am extremely excited!

I have no pictures to share yet (mainly because I haven’t taken any) but I’ll get some this weekend.

I have a few different posts in mind, all relating to running of course 🙂

Many of us half marathon lovers will be starting training any week now, so that will most likely be my main focus until I ease into marathon training for the fall.

Have a great Thursday night, and I am so happy to have my computer and internet back so I can get back to blogging!

Thanks for being so patient 🙂



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