Valentine’s Weekend

I hope you had a lovely weekend and spent it with people you enjoy being with!

Friday night Morgan, myself and 4 of our friends went to an event called “Chocolate Lovers” and had appetizers, champagne, and of course chocolate. It was a Parisian theme, which I of course loved.

My good friend was playing in the band so that made it even better.

Chocolate Lovers

I woke up on Saturday feeling like a child on Christmas morning. My friend and I have been talking about the 50 Shades of Grey movie for years, even before they were making a movie! We’ve read the book at least 3 times… I just love the dialogue and story of Christian and Ana.


We enjoyed the movie! Of course they didn’t include parts due to time restrictions I’m sure. I always thinks books are better just because you get all of the small details that aren’t in books, such as what the characters are thinking and feeling.

Afterwards we hit up “Polar Express”, a new frozen yogurt shop downtown. I am so happy to have froyo in town!

Polar Express

Morgan and I went to a local pizzeria with some friends for our Valentine’s dinner, and then to a basketball game.

We spent all day Sunday packing… and that is what I am currently doing today since I have the day off from school.

It’s amazing how much stuff we have! I’ve been going up and down stairs all day and breaking a sweat… so I am counting it as my cardio and lifting for the day 🙂

I started watching Downton Abbey and I love it already. I only watched the first episode today because I really wanted to use my day off to get everything remaining packed up so come Friday we can just move.

Back to packing…

Have a fab Monday!

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