Winter running… not as fun!

I really do not like running in the winter. Some people can handle treadmills well, but I cannot. Lately it has been a real struggle to run more than 3 miles on mine!

I absolutely prefer running outside, but that is not always possible due to ice/snow covering the sidewalks and roads. I have been running on the high school track in the morning, which is better than a treadmill.

It takes 20 laps to complete a mile, so it gets a little boring towards the end. However, it is better than nothing!

What I do appreciate is that I can get in some speed work on the track, and I can utilize the stairs to increase my cardio.

I haven’t posted my workouts all week… sorry!

Our moving date got bumped up a week, so we have been packing every night so I haven’t had much free time to sit down and post.

Here is what I did this week for my workouts:

Monday- 30 minutes on the elliptical, “hill work” at level 6, followed by lower body strength training

Tuesday- 3 miles on the track followed by upper body strength training

Wednesday- 3 miles on the track followed by lower body strength training. I increased the weight on my bar for squats and I’m still a bit sore!

Thursday- 30 minutes on the elliptical, interval workout, followed by upper body strength training

Friday- woke up extremely sore from Wednesday’s strength training session so I did not go to the gym; instead I just did my core routine

Saturday- 5 miles followed by core

Sunday- day off!

I plan on bumping up my running this week to at least 5 miles in the morning. The hard thing for me to juggle is running outside in the morning vs. inside where I can strength train.

I love going to the gym in the morning because of the weights, but I don’t necessarily want to run in that neighborhood when it is still dark because it is quite hilly and I get nervous if I cant see where I’m stepping.

The good thing about running on a treadmill or track is that it definitely builds your mental toughness (at least for me), so when it comes to running outside it makes it seems SO much better!

I had a good, busy weekend with my Aunt Tara! She came down to help pack and to just visit.

We stopped at the local antique mall yesterday and I found this amazing tea set for only $10! I’ve been really wanting a silver tea set for years, and this was a deal I could not pass up.

Varnished tea set

We went home and used some “Tarn X” so restore it and it looks amazing. We googled the name “Simpson Hall Miller” and found out that it was made in 1898, which makes it even more fabulous.

Polishing silver

1898 Tea Set

I also got some vintage tea cups so I can start my collection! My new backyard is going to be perfect for tea parties 🙂 Morgan thinks I’m nuts, but who doesn’t want to have a tea party?

Have a great Sunday night! I’m going to pack some more and then watch E! and THE WALKING DEAD!!! It’s been a long few months since it was last on!


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