Sick Saturday.

I like to keep routines, even during the weekends so I was in bed by 8:45 last night!

I slept in until 5:30 (yes, I understand that seems ridiculously early!) but I got almost 9 hours of sleep!

I have a nasty cold so I decided to skip my run today. I’m going to blame my 21 little friends on my recent cold.

I spent the majority of the morning working in my classroom and then headed home around 2.

I took work home and turned the dining room into my craft area.


I did laundry and house cleaning this afternoon so I count going up 2 flights of stairs and cleaning my workout.

I snacked on these amazing almonds from Trader Joes. I can’t stop eating them!


Im currently finishing up my night drinking a chai latte and looking at decor ideas on Houzz and Pinterest. My house was built in 1931 so I want to keep it true to its original style, but with a few newer touches.


I have been in this outfit all day and it is insanely comfy.

UGG slippers and Lululemon sweats.



I am thinking this color scheme for one of the bathrooms (or all of them, haven’t decided!) because it is very true to the 30’s.

I want white hexagonal tile floors in all bathrooms and a white claw foot tub in the en suite!


I am going to finish this post and get ready for bed. My cold has made me a bit miserable so I want to hopefully sleep it off. Fingers crossed I get in a workout tomorrow 🙂


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