Amana Colonies: a little piece of paradise.

If you’ve ever been to the Amana Colonies in Iowa, then you know what I’m talking about- adorable, adorable, adorable. 

My aunt, cousin, and family friend went to the Amana Colonies for the weekend because they were having their “Winter Fest”.

I’ve been to the Amana Colonies many times, but never during the winter so I was curious about the activities they would be having.

We lucked out with gorgeous weather- it was sunny and between 45-50 degrees.

Our first activity was a “Wine and Beer Walk”. We got a punch card and started at the Millstream Brewery. During the walk you had to stop at each winery and the one brewery to get your card punched, and then you got a wine glass. It was a blast- and a great way to sample some good wines and beer!

punch card



In between some of the wineries we stopped at antique shops and the Amana General store to shop and look around. The Amana Colonies are German, so there was a lot of German influence on everything, which got me really excited for our summer vacation!

We stopped at the Ronneburg for lunch, and then decorated cookies and got our face painted. Who says adults can’t have fun?!


Eye makeup!

After we shopped more we met my cousin for dinner at the Ox Yoke, and listen to a live band. I love brats and extra sauerkraut. Sooo good.

Seriously, how handsome is my cousin?!


We stayed at a super cute bed and breakfast, and I had the best intentions of getting up and going for an 8 mile run on Sunday. I got up, put on my running clothes and went outside… and it was raining. I don’t mind running in rain, but it was 34 degrees out so I reluctantly went back to the room.

It started snowing later, which would have been okay to run in, but we were already eating breakfast and I wanted to get home.

too nasty to run outside!

Morgan gets home from Vegas in about an hour from a work event, so if I don’t spend the rest of my day hanging out and packing with him I’ll squeeze in my run, or I’ll do it tomorrow morning before school!

I could run on my treadmill… but we haven’t been getting along lately. After a mile I am beyond bored. I really need to work on that.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

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