Happy Birthday, Run and Be Happy!

Run and Be Happy turned one yesterday! I started this blog with the sole intention of talking about running, and helping others with running.

Happy Birthday!

A year later I am still doing that, and I am very appreciative! Over the past year I have received hundreds of comments and emails, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

The main reason I started this blog was because I love to run and to talk about it. Morgan suggested the idea of a blog because he doesn’t run, and quite honestly, has no desire to or to listen to me talk about running.

I had no expectations when starting this, and really didn’t think people would be reading anything I posted, but I was wrong!

I love that I can share my running experience and education on here.

If you have read my articles, commented, or just visited my blog for motivation- THANK YOU!

I will continue to post “educational” type articles, along with my own running experiences.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening! I’m watching American Idol and drooling over Harry Connick, Jr. 😉


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