Strides and Strength

I’m squeezing in a quick post before I eat dinner and head to American Sniper with Morgan!

I left school promptly at 3:45 so I could get home and have time to run outside while there was still daylight.

I ran 3 miles with an average pace of 8:37 and then did 4 strides at a pace of 5:05 (only for 30 seconds each time!).

In total (including my cool down walk) the cardio portion of this workout took less than 30 minutes!

Afterwards I went inside to do my strength workout.

Here is what I did:

strength workout

I cannot workout in my living room without Charlie trying to beg for attention or lay on me.


He eventually will lay down. After me asking him to 10 times.

Planks + Charlie

In total, this workout took approximately 45 minutes! Quick, not easy, but quick!

Have a great Tuesday night!

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