A little yoga is always good.

All I had on my workout agenda today was yoga and strength training. I was happy about this because I had a long day and honestly did not want to run tonight!

If you are new to yoga (I amĀ not an expert!), it is a wonderful thing for runners! I took a yoga class while attending Iowa and loved it! I learned the basics and feel comfortable doing yoga on my own now.

If you’re curious about the benefits of yoga for runners, read my article HERE!


I’m glad I had a short night of exercise, and it was actually relaxing.

Morgan and I spent the majority of our night discussing vacation ideas for this summer and decor ideas for the new house.

He wants to rent BWM while in Germany. Boys will be boys I suppose.

Morgan introduced me to this new website www.Houzz.com and I am obsessed. It is essentially like Pinterest, but strictly for home decor and ideas.

Super short post and no pictures, I am sorry!

I have a three mile run and 4 strides tomorrow (which I love) so I am looking forward to that. Morgan, Malia and I are going to American Sniper tomorrow night so I am guessing I will not get a post up about my workout for tomorrow.

Have a good rest of your Monday night.


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