A week of workouts

Like I mentioned in my last post, I do MUCH better if I have a schedule. So I will share what I am going to be doing this week in regards to running and strength training. At the end of the week I’ll post my times if I don’t during the week.

Monday– this is my rest day so I will just do some yoga for stretching and upper body strength training, ITB rehab routine**

Tuesday-  3 miles + 4 strides*, lower body strength training

Wednesday– easy 30 minute run, upper body strength training

Thursday- 6 miles, 5 x 1 minute hill repeats jogging down, core 3x

Friday– rest, upper body strength training and ITB rehab routine

Saturday– 4 miles + 4 strides, dynamic stretch routine

Sunday– 8 miles, core 3x

*Strides- these are a form of speed work that last 20-30 seconds per stride, or about 100 meters. You start an an easy jog and gradually end up running at max effort, then gradually slow down to finish the stride.

**ITB Rehab- this is my iliotibial band routine to strengthen my IT band. Check out THIS post for a video on what I do.

This workout will gradually get harder and the distances will get longer. I will also be adding in some cross training (elliptical, spin bike, and Stair Master) to my easier days.

I spent the majority of my day packing up all of my books, which took 9 boxes! Have a great Sunday!

Who was happy the Packers lost?! I was 🙂

2 thoughts on “A week of workouts

  1. Thanks for the helpful post. I just do my own thing for workouts but I don’t know nearly as much as you do; modeling my routine after yours (although mine isn’t quite as vigorous 🙂 ) makes me feel like I am doing what I should be!
    Happy Monday!

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