45 degrees in January?!

I am absolutely not complaining about this weather. The past couple of days it has been above 40 degrees which has been awesome for running. 

Friday I ended up running after school because I knew it was going to be warm and I wanted to run outside. I ran through a cemetery next to my school to get in some small hills.

It was great, except I should have expected the ground to be soggy! I had to eventually get on a sidewalk because I kept sinking in the gravel.

I only ran for 4.5 miles because I had a strict schedule to stay on.

We had Morgan’s work party in a nearby town at their local brewery- Albia Brewing Company. I love it.

On Saturday, Morgan, Charlie and I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy all day.

I spent the morning figuring out vacation details such as flights, transportation between countries, and hotels. I got it all figured out and now all we have to do is plan the fun stuff!

Kyla (my sister) worked on her sketch of our new garden so we can start planting this spring. It is approximately 20 feet by 30 feet, so I will have lots of room for fruits and veggies!

So we will be turning this…


Into this…


I am so glad my sister went to college for horticulture and has two green thumbs!

She also has some ideas for part of the patio in the backyard. I took these pictures yesterday, so hence all of the dead brown stuff.

Back patio

Charlie is so excited for his new ginormous backyard!


So Morgan and I will be busy the next month moving into the new house, but I will do my absolute best to keep up on the blog and posting exercise/nutrition ideas and articles!

As far as my workout, I am going to create a new running and weight lifting routine for me that will take me through spring time so I will be ready for 1/2 marathon training and in great shape.

I tend to do MUCH better if I have a weekly schedule versus just winging it daily. Once I get this week (starting tomorrow) done I will get it posted.

I plan to go out for a nice run today, hoping for 6 miles, and then a long walk with Charlie since the weather is suppose to be beautiful again today!

Have a great Sunday!

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