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My lack of posting this week is a direct result of watching American Idol and staying late at school. 

I have been in my room until 5:30ish each night, and by the time I get home from work I need to fit in a workout, eat, and watch my nightly tv!

I’ve been working on my next social studies unit. We are going to start learning about the original 13 colonies (one of my favorite U.S. history subjects!).

My kids are going to be realtors and have to “sell” me a colony by doing research and creating a project.

13 original colonies

Malia came over on Tuesday  night so we could watch Revenge from Sunday, and then we watched Idol last night and of course it is currently on the television.

I have such a crush on Harry, especially when he plays the piano!

Morgan made his pineapple chicken fajitas last night so that is what was for dinner tonight. Left overs are so helpful when I don’t have a lot of time to make dinner!

This is my dessert tonight.

night dessert

I really try to like all of the seasons and appreciate them, but I hate how it gets dark so early! It was actually nice out today (40 degrees) and I wanted to run outside, but since I didn’t get home until 5:30 that was out of the question.

After I ran I did my upper body strength training.

We have Morgan’s work holiday party tomorrow evening so I will get up at 5 am to work out… I’m yawning already.

I have ZERO plans for Saturday and Sunday except to workout, read, and lounge around my house for two days.

love, love, love my job and my students, but sometimes I really envy all of those women who don’t have jobs. I can’t imagine being able to wake up without an alarm and workout as long as I wanted…

At least I have the summer off!

Have a great evening… Idol is back on now 🙂


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