Morgan and I went to the movie theatre yesterday (Sunday) to see the movie “Unbroken”. I did not know much about it, except he was an Olympic middle-distance runner and was involved in war, trying to get home. 

The start of the movie was really good, especially the scenes when he was training or at the Olympics in Berlin, Germany. I of course just wanted to get out of my seat and go for a run!

Louie Zamperini

The rest of the movie was extremely difficult for me to watch. I did not realize he was  POW and went through so much torture.

The movie was good, just hard to watch.

If anything, it really makes you appreciate what you have.

Here is just a picture from Runner’s World. The full article can be read there.


The 1920s-1930s are one of my favorite times in the U.S. for fashion and history, so I did enjoy what fashion I saw 😉

I have this whole week off (Christmas break) so I plan on getting in a lot of good runs, speed work, hill work, and weights. I will absolutely post them all and some new workouts as I come up with them.

Have a great Monday!

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