Making and Baking.

I haven’t done any Christmas baking this year until this weekend. Friday my students made gingerbread houses during math time and absolutely loved it!

The day before I had them sketch their house on graph paper and they had to find the perimeter, area, different angles, line types, and then label the shapes of candy they would put on (spheres, cylinders, cubes, etcetera).

Huge success!

They had so much fun drawing their houses they didn’t even realize they were doing math 😉

All week long they brought in candy and graham crackers (the house itself), and then on Friday I divided the candy and graham crackers up evenly for all of them.


I let them work on their houses for about 90 minutes, which flew by. We also listened to Christmas music, which I think helps to inspire creativity… 😉

Gingerbread Houses

They took them home at the end of the day. It was difficult for them to not eat them.

Haley and I did what any good teachers do, and that is to hide some of the graham crackers and frosting. We need some sugar too.

Haley and I

After school on Friday we had our faculty Christmas party, which was an absolute blast! Teachers are awesome.

—> Fast forward to Saturday.

I did no running today. Oops.

I got up around 8, had my coffee, and then got ready for my day of baking.

Malia came over around noon and we baked all day. My house smelled amazing.

We made gingerbread men, oreo balls, cookie dough balls, and those peanut butter cookies with a kiss in the middle (name?!).

It was so much fun!

I think we made 100+ gingerbread men, seriously.

These men are going to school with me Monday.

Gingerbread Men

It is suppose to be in the mid 40s today, so I am aiming at running between 6-7 miles and then followed by some core. I’ll get that posted later today!

Have a wonderful, fantastic Sunday!

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