Ever wonder where your fat disappears to when you lose weight?

I have actually always wondered where fat really goes when you lose weight. I knew it didn’t magically turn into muscle, which I think is a common assumption.

Occasionally I go to the “I Fucking Love Science” website because science interests me and I like to read neat articles. One of their recent articles really got my attention.

Here is a screen shot from the site that has the full article, but head over to IFL Science to read other cool things!

Where does fat really dissapear to when you lose weight?

I was thinking the other day about my New Year’s resolutions regarding to life and running, and I will get them posted this weekend!

Why wait to start your new workout routine until January 2015? You have a good 2 weeks to start now!

Has anyone seen 22 Jump Street? I loved 21 Jump Street, and Morgan and I saw 22 JS at the RedBox tonight while grocery shopping so we decided to rent it. He is currently making us some homemade pizza and then we’ll watch it.

I watched “The Vow” after school today. This movie always makes me cry though the whole thing. He is so easy on the eyes 🙂


Have a great Thursday night!

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