One of my favorite treadmill workouts!

This past weekend Morgan and I went to my parents house to hang out, which is always one of my favorite things to do. I did not get to run outside due to freezing rain, so I  made up for it today with a good treadmill workout.

My mom made us a huge dinner, and then we watched ELF and snuggled 🙂

My sister Elle, mom and I ate Tollhouse cookie dough and snuggled, just like Buddy would want. Who doesn’t do this when they watch ELF?

Since I hardly take pictures, I’ve stolen this picture from my mom!



Sunday morning I had coffee with my parents and grandpa (which is one of my favorite things to do).

My cousin got a baby hedgehog and brought it over- how cute?!


I stayed in my pajamas for the car ride home, and had to swing through the drive-thru of Coffeesmiths because it is sooo good.


Once Morgan and I got home I put on some real clothes and took Charlie to get his picture taken with Santa. My friend Malia met me there with her two dogs.

We got their pictures taken last year also, so it was a must this year. It is a fundraiser for the animal shelter so it is a great cause.

I did not workout on Sunday once I got home because I did not feel too great. Sometimes, rarely, I get car sick and that was the case Sunday! I actually put on new pajamas once I finally got back home.

Alright, fast forward to Monday after school!

It was snowing and windy after school so I decided to run on my treadmill (plus I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix…).

I did my hill workout, which is a great workout if you do not have a lot of time and want to get in a good cardio session.

20 minute hill workout

I do this workout at a 5.0 speed, or a 12 minute mile. It  might seem slow, but as the incline increases it gets much more difficult.

I average 1.66 miles.

Hill workoutAfter the hill workout I ran for 1.4 miles so I could get in a total of 3 miles. I then walked at a pace of 4.0 to cool off.

Treadmill workouts

After this workout I did my normal leg routine with squats and lunges.

I was cleaning out my coffee table area tonight and saw this lovely stack of magazines. I just got a new one in the mail tonight, so I’ll look for some inspiration for a new running specific post.

Runner's World

Have a great Monday night, I’m off to bed!

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