A treadmill workout and a video!

This post covers yesterday and today. Morgan was using the laptop yesterday making a website, so hence the delay.

Yesterday after my 4 cups of coffee (seriously) I decided to run on my treadmill. I was going to run outside, but it was 10 degrees and very windy. It was an easy decision to run inside.

When it comes to running on treadmills, I have a big problem with mental motivation to keep going. Even with a television in front of me, I still get “bored” on the treadmill.

It is easier for me to break up my running with intervals while on the treadmill, versus running just straight miles.

I did this treadmill workout yesterday and I love it. It is 45 minutes, but it truly goes by so fast. If you try it and it seems to slow or too fast you can certainly modify the speeds.

From start to finish I run approximately 4.63 miles.

Treadmill Workout

45 minute fat burning treadill workout

Yesterday after this workout I just did some stretching because I was too hungry to continue working out.

After this workout I had sautéed some sweet potatoes and then watched the Chicago Bears game (which we won!)

Sweet Potatoes

If I am unable to watch the game with my dad we make sure to text the whole time.

This particular part of the conversation we were texting about a proposal that the camera had caught at the Bean. The guy was wearing a Packer’s hat, which we think is stupid of course.

Most of my texts refer to Matt Forte, my fantasy boyfriend.


After the Bears game I did some lesson planning and snacked on some honey Noosa and raspberries. This is the best yogurt I have ever had.


Lets fast forward to today.

After school I came home and got into my workout clothes fast because I was already hungry for dinner!

The video below (which I had to record myself so forgive me for the awkward beginning and end) was shot pre-workout.

You get the privilege of seeing me in mismatched workout clothes, no makeup, bad hair, and lastly- my strange voice.

Actually when I first met Kelly like 8 years ago she asked where I was from because I had a weird accent. I don’t hear it, obviously, but my students actually asked me that the first week of school!

After this workout I got on the treadmill for three miles, and then did my strength training for my legs.

  • 3 sets of squats, 12 repetitions
  • 3 sets of lunges, 12 repetitions
  • 2 sets of leg raises, 16 repetitions
  • 2 sets of clamshells, 16 repetitions
  • 2 sets of side steps, 10 repetitions

Lastly, for dinner I am eating a weird combination that I just threw together on the stove:

  • 1/2 cup red lentils
  • random frozen veggies
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes with chile peppers

Lentils and veggies

Um, it is actually amazing.

Have a great evening!

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