I realize it is now Saturday morning, but I’m not changing the title. I had the best of intentions to post this last night (and the title would have worked), but I fell asleep…

So just pretend it is Friday…

I treated myself to a latte this morning. It always makes Fridays 100% better.


I have not started to decorate for Christmas yet, and I won’t until after Thanksgiving, BUT I have started to play Mannheim Steamrollers holiday mix for my kids. They love it.

They agree with me that it allows them to write better and concentrate more…

Anyways, whooo hoo for Friday!

My mom got me this bracelet (black one) for my birthday a few years back and I love it.


I dearly love my students, and when they do things like this I love them even more.

Holiday Cards

After school I had the BEST intentions to go for a run… but after a long week I found my chair more inviting than the cold air outside. I’ll make up for it Saturday!

Please tell me I am not the only one who gets tired/lazy on a Friday afternoon after work?!

Since I don’t usually enjoy pictures of myself, this is a rare moment.


I was texting with some friends who don’t live here and I just knew they desperately wanted to see my face.

My friend and I went to a new pizzeria in town, O Tooles, and it was fabulous.

I finished my Friday night by looking at this a bit more, and then falling asleep at a time that is too early to say out of embarrassment.

Wow. Just wow. Delicious.

Charlie H

Charlie Hunam

I would say have a great Friday night, but since it is currently 8:50 on Saturday morning- enjoy your day!

It is suppose to snow here, so I really need to get off my couch and get my run in…

One thought on “TGIF!

  1. Looks like a fantastic Friday 🙂 I have been a little lazy about running lately because of the chilly weather so it always motivates me to visit your blog!

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