It’s almost race day!

There are essentially two days left until the Chicago Marathon! I am 85% excited and 15% anxious. 

My foot has been off and on in regards to Morton’s Neuroma, so I am a little worried about how the first few miles of the race will go.

To get mentally prepared for the race I have been reviewing the course a lot, as well as reading articles relating specifically to the Chicago marathon.

This article from Runner’s World is a good read to anyone who is new to marathons, or has never run in Chicago.

10 tips for running your best Chicago Marathon!

I have also been neurotically checking the website daily, as well as my email as I continue to get race day emails.

2 days left!

I will be heading to Chicago with my family soon, so I will not have another post until after the race. I will try to get my race recap up on Monday!

If you’re running Chicago this weekend- GOOD LUCK!

It is such a beautiful city and my absolute favorite place to run, so make sure to take time and admire the scenery and listen to the wonderful spectators!

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