The Taper.

I am finally in the tapering week of my marathon training and I must admit I am really enjoying it. Usually during this week I am ridden with anxiety and the feeling of “Am I doing enough?”

During my last three marathon trainings I would often feel anxious during the week I was tapering. I would often think that since I was not running as much or as hard that my aerobic fitness would suffer in that one week. Don’t worry- that won’t happen!

Tapering can be mentally tough for people for those reasons. You may start to doubt yourself and your performance on race day. Instead, believe in your training, remind yourself of how hard you have worked, and just try to look forward to race day.

During marathon training you rarely get a break and your body has gotten use to running most days of the week. The benefit of running such high mileage and so often is that your legs and body become use to the demands of running and you are better equipped to recover quickly.

Now that you are tapering for your race, your body is getting extra rest mentally and physically.

A typical week for me in terms of running looks like this:

Sunday- 15-20 miles

Monday-4-5 miles

Tuesday-5-6 miles

Wednesday- 10 miles

Thursday- 9 miles

Friday- rest

Saturday 4-5 miles

The week of my taper looks like this:

Sunday- 6 miles

Monday- 4 miles

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- 3 miles

Friday- rest

Saturday- 1-2 easy miles

Sunday- marathon

So you’ll notice how my week of tapering is drastically less, and that is because my legs need time to rest so they are fully recovered and ready for the day of the race. As much as I love running I also need a mental health break from it- so I am usually really happy when tapering week comes around 🙂

Enjoy your tapering week- you have worked hard and deserve it!

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