Recovery Runs + Fall Decor. Odd Combo.

The first two marathons I trained for I took the day off after my long runs. For my third and fourth marathon program I have been running the day after my long runs and I must admit, my legs feel much better running the day after a long run!

I have noticed that if I do not run the day after a long run my legs tend to feel stiff, heavy, and are more prone to cramping.

I do my long runs on Sunday mornings, so my “recovery” runs are Monday mornings. The most I run for my recovery runs is 5 miles. I take this run very easy and slow, and keep it to flat land.

Yesterday I ran 4 easy, slower miles (8:47 pace). I am not focused on speed during these runs.

Another thing I do after long runs to help recovery is to do yoga.For more information on how yoga can help your running, read my article HERE!

Do you run the day after your long run? How do your legs feel?

And now completely unrelated to running…

Fall is my absolute favorite season for many reasons.

One of them is for the decor!

I love to decorate my house according to the seasons and holidays. We are in the process of looking at moving, so I did not get out all of my fall decor, but here is a small look into my favorite pieces!

I love, love, love antiques and vintage pieces. My aunt found this old buffet for me a couple years ago, and it normally just has some old books and pictures on it, but during the holidays I jazz it up a bit.


I got these books at a flea market for .50 cents this past spring and I knew they would look great to set out at Halloween time. I love the smell of old books! I haven’t read them, but the titles just seemed appropriate 😉 “Dead Man’s Hand” and “Strange Murders at Greystone”. 

Vintage books

I love candles. It’s weird how much joy they bring me.

I got this antique tin tray at an antique store in Elkader, Iowa (Turkey Mall Antiques).

I am not really into “county” themed decor, but I thought the runner was cute for fall. I got the runner and the cute skeleton man from one of my favorite places- “The Cannery” in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. It’s like heaving for holiday decor.

Side note, how cute is baby Charlie?!


The picture of the women and dog is actually my Grandma! She use to be a fashion model in the town she lives in. It is one of my favorite pictures.

Those are a few of my FAVORITE books: The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, Anne of Green Gables, To Kill a Mockingbird, and the Bible. Kyla got me TKAMB last year and it has Harper Lee’s autograph inside! She found it at one of my favorite antique bookstores in McGregor, Iowa. The antique book-ends are from Venice.

I got the “Ghoulfriends” piece at the Cannery as well.


Pumpkin Man

I love this set-up. It isn’t very “fally” or “Halloweeny” as I say, but I still love it.

This is an old family chest full of antique photo albums. I got the lamp stand for $3 in McGregor, Iowa at a little antique shop and my Grandma got me the lamp shade. It is probably one of my favorite finds. I love to sit in the recliner next to it and read!

I love collecting old books and pictures frames.


The only other room I have decorations in is the guest bathroom. They are very minimal in here, but it needed something!

All my best Ghoulfriends are total Witches

Bathroom Shelves

I have a weird thing for soap. I love to buy fancy soap! I keep it in this apothecary jar and just set a new one out as needed!


Last year my mom and I made fall wreaths, which I think turned out great!

Autumn Wreath

Normally I have a lot more out, and in every room of my house but since we are in the process of trying to move I decided to only put out a few things this year.

Have a great Tuesday! I have the day off from running so Charlie and I are going to take a nice walk, and then wait for my friend to come over for Son’s of Anarchy!

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