My strength training workouts

At home upper & lower body strength training

Currently I do not have a gym membership since running is my main form of exercise (especially during marathon training) and I have a treadmill at home. 

I’ve contemplated getting a membership once I am done marathon training so I can incorporate other forms of cardio into my workout such as the elliptical and Stair Master, but I haven’t decided.

If you don’t have a gym membership you can still do strength training at home with little equipment. For me, I do not need a lot of equipment since I am not trying to build a lot of strength, but rather train my muscles for endurance.

I have dumbbells that I keep hidden in a wicker basket in my living room that I can easily access for my workouts, along with resistance bands and a yoga mat hidden under my coach 🙂

I usually do not have time in the morning to strength train after my run so I fit it in in the evening while Morgan and I watch TV.

Here is my typical strength training routine:

Side lunges– 12 times each leg

Squats– 12 times

Diagonal lunges– 12 times each leg

Side leg raises– 20 each leg

Regular lunges– 12 each leg

Clamshells– 20 each leg

I do this routine 3 times, usually 3 days a week. I use dumbbells for my squats and lunges, but that is optional. As for the leg raises and clamshells I use a resistance band.

My upper body strength training routine:

Bicep curl– 12 times

Triceps kick back– 12 times

Military press– 12 times

Pushups– 8-12

Triceps dips– 12

Front arm raise– 12 times

Side arm raises– 12 times

I do this routine 3 times as well, and typically the opposite night of my lower leg routine for time reasons. I also use dumbbells for most of the exercises.

I typically do upper body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and lower body on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday’s are reserved for my long run and core (which I fit in a few other days throughout the week as well).

I ran 20 miles this morning so my legs are pretty tired right now and the thought of strength training is not pleasant!

I got up this morning at 5:15 and was out the door by 5:30. It is dark still at 5:30 so I take my iPhone because it has a flashlight which helps immensely.

I had a great run and feel pretty good, but my legs are beat so I’m heading to bed after I write this.

I hydrated throughout the run with NUUN and had GU before my run, at mile 10, and then again at mile 17.

The plus to running in the morning- the beautiful sunrise!



Morgan made us pineapple chicken fajitas for dinner tonight which were amazing! I’ll get that recipe up later this week.

Have a great rest of your Sunday night!


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