1 month until Chicago!

On a daily basis I become excited, then anxious, then back to being excited, and then back to being anxious. I do this all day long. 

Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks/acts like this on a daily basis when a marathon is approaching?!

On a more positive note I am unbelievably happy that fall weather is here. Running during the summer is one of my least favorite things, but it does help to make me faster during the fall and able to appreciate the weather! It is such a good feeling to see my pace times in the 7:30-8:15 range again!

The only negative aspect of the weather cooling down is the daylight hours shrink… big time. I get up around 4:45 each morning to run and do core work or strength training, and it is completely dark out. It does frighten me a bit, but the main problem for me is not having the best vision. I tend to run slower because I am more cautious about my footing.

Anyone else not enjoying the dark in the morning?

I could run on my treadmill, but running outside is just so much more enjoyable!

I could run after school, but I usually stay in my classroom until 5 and then I am starting when I get home so I have dinner… and by then it’s dark. What a vicious cycle.


I spent my weekend in Burlington, and like every time I am with my family it was fantastic! I’m obsessed with my siblings and Grandma.

Saturday morning my brothers and I had coffee with my Grandma and I graded a few papers. What I love the most is that we keep the TV off so we can just talk.


I got to run with Kyla, so that was great 😉 It is always so much more fun running with her.

After our run we watched the Iowa game… I won’t say anymore.

My baby brother is such a stud.


Grandma turned 80 this past week so we arranged a dinner for her at our favorite restaurant, Big Muddy’s.

Jacob and I got her a few balloons and tied them to her chair, along with a cake and 80 candles. The wax melted all over the frosting, but luckily came right off.

She was so happy! 🙂


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Before I left West Burlington I stopped in to Running Wild to get some new shoes. I’ve put 550+ miles on my shoes since I got them at the end of May and desperately needed a new pair, especially before the marathon. I went with my favorite, the Saucony Hurricanes.

I love the smell of new shoes.

Saucony Hurricanes

I recommend getting new shoes between 500-600 miles. It has been my experience that 500 is my limit, but that also may depend on the brand and type of shoe you are wearing.

Have a great Sunday evening! The Bears play at 7:30 🙂

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