I promise I will do a good post this weekend!

I hate when people make excuses… but I have been super busy the past two weeks with back to school stuff! I’ve been getting home around 7 and going to bed around 9 so I can get up early and run, so that is why I have not been able to put up a good post. Not cool!

I am very little do this weekend in terms of school stuff so I will focus my time on a good post! I am also organizing a 10 & 5k race that I host annually, so I’ll be sharing how to organize a race in the near future 🙂

If there is anything specific you want me to post about just let me know!

My marathon training is going great!

During my 15 mile run on Sunday I was chased by two dogs, almost hit by a driver (I’m thinking he was drunk… as I was on the sidewalk and he swerved and almost hit me) and almost stampeded by deer. If anything it provided entertainment during my run 😉

I’ve also been asked to post pictures of my room (which I may have mentioned in my last pathetically short post). I will do so very soon! The kids and I have to make a few anchor charts to put on the walls, so maybe in 2-3 weeks I’ll get those up!

Here is my picture from today. I feel like a child getting my picture taken on the first day of school! I still don’t like getting my picture taken, but my mom requested a first day of school picture 😉


Any of you teachers? If so, how has the first week been?!

2 thoughts on “I promise I will do a good post this weekend!

    • Hey Aimee!

      The first few weeks back are crazy! I am just now getting back into my normal schedule after three weeks! I definitely have to prioritize my time since I’m in my room so much and marathon training is like a part time job 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!


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