Eeek! Major lack of posting.

It has been a few days since I have last posted and I apologize! I have been extremely busy with back to school meetings and getting my classroom ready for my new fifth graders next week! 

I think about my blog daily, but I just have not had time to sit down and generate a good post. Once I have some free time this weekend I’ll come up with a good post 🙂

I want to focus more on the quality of the post rather than the quantity of posts I have.

I would normally say TFIG but my days are running together this week and I went though the whole day not realizing it was Friday! I’m spending all of tomorrow working in my classroom so I’ll aim at sitting down Sunday and getting a post in. I got my month Runner’s World the other day in the mail so I’ll look to that for some inspiration 🙂

As far as my marathon training goes- it is going great! Here is a quick recap of what I have ran this past week and what my weekend looks like:

Sunday- 13 miles

Monday- 4 miles

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 9 miles

Thursday- 7 miles

Friday- rest

Saturday (tomorrow) 4 miles

This coming Sunday- 15 miles

I’m heading to bed now because it is past 10 pm and that is entirely too late for me to be up! I have a serious Harry Potter board to make tomorrow in my classroom so I need my sleep.

This isn’t a teaching blog but maybe I’ll snap some pictures of my room once it is done so you can see where I spend most of my time during the year.

How is your training going? 

Any major races coming up?!

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