Bad exercise room? You can still workout while traveling!

I had another great weekend, this time with my family. We headed to the Wisconsin Dells for a little vacation before my siblings start school and I start teaching. 

I did not take many pictures of the vacation because I always leave my phone in the hotel because I’d rather focus on family time than taking pictures, but I did get some pictures of the caves we went to. The focus of this post revolves around the awful gym that the hotel had and how I had to get creative to make up for that.

I’ve always been one to exercise on vacation, but I’ve usually always had access to a nice gym that had free weights, ellipticals, and other cardio machines. I always run outside unless there are no sidewalks or the weather is not cooperating so that is usually not a problem for me. However, if there are ellipticals and stair masters I like to do those in addition to my running since I do not have them at home.

Kyla and I ran every morning and were not happy when we found the exercise room. Of a hotel with thousands of rooms why is there only a recumbent bike and two treadmills? No weights.

After initially getting angry I decided it was stupid to get mad about it and instead I just needed to get creative.

I had to do abdominal work so we just took some towels out into the hallway (our hotel floor was hard wood- not the most comfortable) and did our thing. Lots of people passed by and I’m sure they thought we were weird. Oh well, we’ll never see them again!

At one point my dad and grandpa were coming back from a coffee run and stopped to laugh.



Other things you can do without the use of an exercise room:

  • Take advantage of hotel stairs and do your own stair master workout
  • Walk the halls
  • Do lunges down the hallway
  • Use a lower step to do tricep dips
  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Push ups

One morning for breakfast I had my family walk to the restaurant since it was only 1 mile away. Not only did we have good conversations there and back, we also got in a little workout.

I’ve found that if you really want to exercise you can, you just have to be creative!





I had seafood for dinner each night which was fantastic. Last night we went to Sarento’s, a nice Italian restaurant and I got cannelloni filled with scallops, crab meat and shrimp with a  white wine sauce. I of course got a cappuccino for dessert. No phones allowed at the dinner table so you’ll just have to trust me that it looked and tasted amazing.

Wisconsin is just so pretty!



Do you ever have to get creative when traveling? 

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