Moving Runs

It is okay to move runs!

I often get asked if it is okay to switch around your running schedule. Absolutely! I usually stick to my schedule, but every now and then (today) I switch a run. 

When I switch runs it is usually related to timing issues. I try to not switch runs due to weather because I have a treadmill at my house, but who really wants to run 10+ miles on that? The furthest I have ran on a treadmill was 10 miles and I got through it with my friend Netflix.

I am moving my 7 mile run set for today to tomorrow, and my 5 mile run set for Thursday to Friday, which is my day off.


I am leaving my house as soon as I am done writing to go work in my classroom all day! School starts August 20 so I have a lot of work to do. I’m stopping by a local coffee shop before a little treat. I think that’s necessary.

Secondly, I am going on a family vacation tomorrow and this way I can do all of my running with Kyla (that’s the main reason I’m switching my runs). We just have so much fun running together that switching two runs it totally worth it. It will not affect my training in any way and will allow me to have more fun.

The only runs I would be cautious about switching are your long runs, and any runs before and after your long run. You always wants to have a smaller run (3-5 miles) the day before and after a long run. I would never switch my 7 mile run to the day before a long run because I would be too tired and wouldn’t run as well.

Other than that I think it is completely fine to switch around some runs if you have to.

I doubt I will be taking my Mac with me this weekend so I apologize in advance for my lack of posting this weekend. I’m sure I’ll bombard you once I get home!

As always, you can leave me a comment because they go straight to my phone so I will be able to get back to you.

5 thoughts on “Moving Runs

  1. Being a teacher and starting back to school on Friday…I have had to change this week’s running schedule around a bit too! It doesn’t bother me at all to do this as long as I still get my rest day and all my miles in!

    Good luck getting back into the swing of things at school! August is a stressful month!!


  2. Hi Courtney! I was wondering what marathon training plan you were using. I have been having a hard time adjusting to Nike, so Hal Higdon is what I switched to because I am injured and it seems more manageable.

    PS-Thank you for the NOVA recommendation it truly was inspiring. I liked it a lot.

    • Jordan,

      I’m glad you liked the video! It is one of my favorites. I currently have a marathon plan that was made for me by a coach, but I have used Hal Higdons plans in the past. I like that he offers multiple plans to fit your needs/schedule.

      Which one did you choose?

      • I chose Novice 1 for Hal Higdon. Hopefully it works out well! I have to do 15 tomorrow for my long run-my longest yet. I’m feeling nervous about it. I was injured two weeks prior and cross trained, did 10 one week ago, so hopefully this run will go smoothly or else I’ve fallen behind. I’ve gotten up to 14 as my longest so far. Fingers crossed I can do this!

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